The Light Painter DVD – description.

“The Light Painter” is Morgan Fisher’s first DVD to feature his Light Paintings and Sound Paintings (music) together. A beautiful selection of 121 images which gracefully move while you listen to an hour of Morgan’s keyboard improvisations. This mesmerising immersive experience will relax and inspire the viewer and give an overview of Morgan’s world of art.

View a high-definition excerpt on youtube

The images are arranged in chapters, according to how they were created:

1. Beginnings (starting in 1990 with Morgan’s early film and digital images)

2. Akari (lamps, LED’s)

3. Daimon (fibre optics)

4. Hikari (sunlight on water, through trees)

5. Ionogramma (custom made plasma lamp)

6. Machi (city/car lights)

7. Shindo (vibrating filaments)

8. Sora (fireworks)

9. Tamashii (another type of plasma lamp)

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